Ever since bitcoin gained mainstream attention I have continuously tried to understand the technology and its real-world application. Trying to grasp the underlying technology supporting cryptocurrencies, blockchain, decentralized-ledger proves to be quite an intimidating task especially for people with non-programming backgrounds.

I have noticed a pattern in my flow every time I try to research a crypto coin or a related application.

Usually, these websites are quite aesthetically impressive with isometric animated graphics, bold use of colors, and sprinkled with a myriad of high-tech terms and their high-level applications. At this point, I am trying to…

In the paper “Don’t bite newbies: how reverts affect the quantity and quality of Wikipedia Work” authors have put forth a discussion in which how reverts can reduce the negative impact on the new contributors instead make them more confident and encourage them to write more quality content on Wikipedia.

The richness of any online community lies in its quality and quantity of its content. More the contributors more are the growth of the community. For the growth of online communities like Wikipedia, there is a demand for new contributors. Publishing content on Wikipedia requires a sense of confidence in…

At Ten-X, I got to work on some interesting data visualization projects mainly the Portfolio Dashboard, the Auction Dashboard, and the Buyer Profile. On these projects, it was highly critical to show a vast amount of data in an easy to understand and actionable format.

Auction Dashboard

Auction dashboard is meant for the brokers especially on the seller side and it specifically addressed scenarios when brokers were trying to gather the status of an auction in real-time. Mainly they are interested in knowing 3 things:

Rohan Gaikwad

Product design leader who advocates for the end-users and designs products optimized for growth.

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