Data Visualization Projects at Ten-X

At Ten-X, I got to work on some interesting data visualization projects mainly the Portfolio Dashboard, the Auction Dashboard, and the Buyer Profile. On these projects, it was highly critical to show a vast amount of data in an easy to understand and actionable format.

Auction Dashboard

Auction dashboard is meant for the brokers especially on the seller side and it specifically addressed scenarios when brokers were trying to gather the status of an auction in real-time. Mainly they are interested in knowing 3 things:

  1. If Properties met the reserve price? (the minimum amount the seller is willing to take for the property)
  2. How close is the highest bid to the guidance (Guidance is the estimated sale price of the property)
  3. Remaining bidders capacity to continue bidding

Based on these requirements the mockup shown below shows a list of all the properties in an auction event with one property expanded to show more in detailed information.

Buyer Profile

Brokers value the availability of data around an interested buyer. To make it easier for the broker to target the right kind of buyer it was crucial for Ten-X to create a buyer profile feature that pulls in data from various sources and presents it in a cleaner and a usable format.

I designed buyer profile designs that consisted of :

  1. Recent Buyer Activity
  2. Buyers Web Analytics based Insight
  3. Explicit and Implicit Buyer Preferences
  4. Buyer transaction history

I designed two ideas, one focused more on the recent activity and the other one focused more on buyer history.

Buyer Profile Expanded

Portfolio Dashboard

To help brokers manage portfolios better I was tasked to create a dashboard that pulled data from various sources and provide easy access to the most relevant information. The dashboard enabled them to:

  1. Track progress of the overall sale, mainly identify properties that needed marketing spend.
  2. Overall revenue generated from closing properties every quarter.
  3. Leads data such as web traction, interest levels, guidance, etc.
Portfolio Dashboard

These are some of the examples of the Data Visualization work at Ten-X. I was using prebuilt component libraries from Ant Design Framework and adding some customization. In addition, the engineers also used recharts to build visualizations.

Thank you for going through my designs and let me know if you have any questions.



Product design leader who advocates for the end-users and designs products optimized for growth.

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Rohan Gaikwad

Product design leader who advocates for the end-users and designs products optimized for growth.